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We spent the day shooting a look book a couple weeks ago for a clothing line called Cohesive.  They were just picked up by Bloomingdale’s. Check out the photos!

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Melanie Fiona by Joseph Llanes for AOL

Melanie was a pleasure to work with.  She is sweet, talented and fun.  Please take a minute to see the entire shoot on Joseph’s blog here.

mg_42621.jpg mg_4168.jpg mg_4280.jpg

Joseph's photos in Winter/Spring 2010 Washingtonian Bride & Groom

large_bridegroom2-1.jpg large_bridegroom3.jpg

Yani & Michael, May 15th, Elings Park in Santa Barbara

_MG_2186.jpg _MG_1518.jpg Untitled-1.jpg perfume.jpg _MG_1567.jpg mikeyani6.jpg mikeyani2.jpg bw_attitude.jpg _MG_1591.jpg _MG_1782.jpg _MG_1860.jpg mikeyani1.jpg _MG_1908.jpg _MG_2139.jpg _MG_1536.jpg Untitled-2.jpg mikeyani4.jpg _MG_0119.jpg _MG_0147.jpg

Sandra & Anton, Austria, May 1st 2010

sanamp7.jpg _MG_4192.jpg _MG_4310.jpg sanamp4.jpgrings.jpgsanamp2.jpg _MG_4695.jpg _MG_4602.jpg Untitled-1.jpg sanamp11.jpg sanamp3.jpg sanamp1.jpg _MG_5020.jpg _MG_5279.jpg _MG_5654.jpg _MG_5678.jpg _MG_5724.jpg sanamp8.jpg sanamp10.jpg sanamp12.jpg _MG_0407.jpg


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Coachella by Joseph Llanes


Mercedes & Daniel's October Wedding

I love this wedding so much that I had to repost it with a little bit different spin on things!  You can view the original post here.

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Downtown Los Angeles engagement session

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southern california wedding photography